Beacon Hill Club

Beacon Hill Club, located at 250 Hobart Ave in Summit, New York, is a prestigious business dedicated to providing exceptional services to its members. With a focus on accessibility and exclusivity, this country club offers a range of amenities that are sure to meet the needs and desires of its discerning clientele.

One of the key features of Beacon Hill Club is its commitment to accessibility. The club boasts a wheelchair accessible entrance, ensuring that all members and guests can easily enter and enjoy the facilities. This dedication to inclusivity sets Beacon Hill Club apart from other establishments in the area, making it a top choice for individuals with mobility challenges.

Membership is required to access the exceptional services and facilities offered by Beacon Hill Club. This ensures that the club remains an exclusive and intimate environment, reserved for those who truly appreciate the finer things in life. By limiting membership, Beacon Hill Club is able to provide an unparalleled level of personalized service and attention to detail.

As a country club, Beacon Hill Club offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse interests of its members. From golfing on the meticulously maintained course to lounging by the pool, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The club also features tennis courts, a fitness center, and exquisite dining options, ensuring that members can indulge in their favorite activities and experiences.

With an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 63 clients, it is clear that Beacon Hill Club consistently exceeds expectations. The exceptional quality of the services, combined with the luxurious atmosphere, has earned the club a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Members can expect nothing less than the utmost satisfaction during their time at Beacon Hill Club.

In conclusion, Beacon Hill Club is the epitome of elegance and exclusivity in Summit, New York. With its wheelchair accessible entrance, membership requirement, and a wide range of services, it is the perfect destination for those seeking a truly exceptional country club experience. To learn more about Beacon Hill Club and to inquire about membership, visit their website at Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this prestigious establishment. Contact Beacon Hill Club today and start enjoying all that it has to offer.

Address: 250 Hobart Ave

Phone: (908) 277-6655


Specialization: Country club

Reviews: This company have more than 63 reviews according Google My Business